Party Reservation Guest List & Payment

Guest List and Guest Fees must be received 7 days prior to the party date. Guest Fees are required for all CSCSC non-members (adults/children), regardless of whether or not the guest swims. Guests under 2 yrs. old and over 60 yrs. old are free. Prepaid Guest Passes may not be used to pay for attendance at scheduled parties or CSCSC sponsored parties at the pool.

NOTE: This form is only for events that already have already been approved by the Social Chair. If you haven’t submitted a request to hold an event yet please do that here. Once you have been notified that your event has been approved you may complete the form below and submit your payment.

* Reservation for a party does not guarantee exclusive use of the pool or pavilion.

  • The price for non-members attending your event is $5 per person for every guest between the ages of 2 and 60. Please enter the total amount due (if any) here.
  • If instructed to by the Social Chair please enter any additional fees for your event -- ex: to cover the cost of additional lifeguards.
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